About Us

AppToFit is an online application, provides hassle free management of your fitness center like Gym, Yoga Centers, and Zumba etc. With AppToFit you can easily manage your fitness center on your fingertips via smart phone or tablet and access from anywhere, at any time.

AppToFit manages the day-to-day activities like daily customer visits, fee payment, corporate packages and customizable settings in case of any changes in fee structure or government taxes. This app saves a lot of time and energy for running fitness centers like Gym, Yoga, Jumba Classes etc. It doesn’t stop there. It gives you dashboard in regards to fee reminders, current month fee collections, current month customer registrations etc. You can send individual SMS or bulk SMS to your customers to update regarding any public holidays, fee reminders, new package updates, revision on government tax rules, festival wishes etc. Our software features will definately help your business grow and save lot of time and provide more security.

Our Vision

We want to be the best software providers in Fitness Industry. We want to support all verticals of Fitness Industry, such as Gyms, Zumba, yoga centers, Nutrition providers, Gym equipment manufacturers etc.

Providing the best quality of software service at best price.

We want to help the start-ups in the fitness industry with our sofware and grow with them.

— Surya Josyula, Founder

"Journey Of Thousand Miles, Must Start With A Single Step"

Our Approach

We collect constant and regular feedback from our existing and new clients time to time. We value customer feedback and we collect different means, through SMS, Calls, Email, Feedback forms, Social network etc.

After collecting the feedback from different clients, we put together and identify the most releveant features that are applicable to all our clients.

We start developing and implementing the features and will make it available to the public for use.

Once the development and implemented successfully we release beta version to somme of the clients, will test it again will take the feedback and run the process again. Once satisfied it will make public use.

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Thank you for growing with us!

We are one of the fastest growing software providers in Fitness Industry space. we started with just 3 features in less than just 3 years we mounted to almost 100+ features based on the feed back received from client from time to time.

Our approach is to listen to the customer and value thier feedback. We strive to know the pain of the customer and try to provide solution to their problems as much as we can.

We also provide custom development. Upon request of our client we also provide custom development and custom software to our clients.

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